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Fungal infections of the hands and feet, such as nail fungus, can be caused by different types of fungi, including dermatophytes, yeast, and molds. Most fungal nail infections occur as a result of the fungi that cause athlete's foot infecting the nails. Athlete's foot is contagious and can spread to your nails. You may be more likely to get fungus if you are frequently in moist environments, wear tight-fitting shoes, have sweaty feet, or have damaged, cracked, or unkept nails. Other risk factors include aging, having a weakened immune system, and living with someone who has it. It's important to practice good hygiene and promptly address any conditions to reduce your risk.

Typically, sufferers can expect visible results with less severe cases within the first few weeks, though some people with severe fungus can expect as little as a month of use before seeing improvement with the NailRENEW system. Fungus does not typically occur overnight and it won't disappear overnight, either. However, with consistent use and patience you improve the appearance of fungus damaged nails – the NailRENEW System is a process that requires consistency, especially when dealing with severe cases.

NailRENEW proprietary mixture of ingredients is designed specifically to target fungus and derail it’s spread during healthy regrowth. Tolnaftate, an FDA approved antifungal, is the active ingredient in NailRENEW’s formula. Mixture of quaternary compounds and mild surfactants work together to reach fungus at the source or root of infections while the Tea Tree Wash and Daily Vitamin help improve overall foot health.

This depends on both the severity and the number of applications. Typically, a bottle of NailRENEW will allow for 1-2 months worth of daily usage assuming 1-2 drops per application. However, it may take 1-3 months of daily applications which is why we offer a free bottle of NailRENEW with every purchase of two bottles or more. Unlike our competition, our standard bottles are 1oz instead of .5oz and our bottle caps utilize a built in applicator tip. Using a built-in dropper tip applicator is advantageous because it allows for more accurate measuring and more liberal and even distribution.

NailRENEW is formulated with mild surfactants. However, please take into consideration any allergies you may have, and check with your physician if you have any concerns before, after, or during use.

Please be mindful of any allergies you may have before using NailRENEW or consult a physician with any of your concerns before use.

Tolnaftate is an FDA approved antifungal ingredient. NailRENEW is formulated in a FDA registered facility according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Pregnant or breast feeding woman should consult their doctor.

For best results, we recommend applying 1-2 drops of NailRENEW twice a day, morning and night. Some people may report more immediate results with more frequent applications.

NailRENEW has a total shelf life of 2-3 years. The expiration date is printed on every bottle.

The product is not recommended for children under 3 unless directed by a doctor.

NailRENEW may or may not be effective when applied on top of a polished nail - there have been no test studies conducted to prove so. Annecdotally, some people choose to apply NailRENEW directly over nail polish and report positive results. However, nail polishes are composed of varying chemicals and to make a generalization based on all nail polishes would be inaccurate. It is recommended to remove nail polish and lightly file infected nails prior to applications. .

Yes, NailRENEW is designed to be safe and effective when applied to fingers, toes, including the nail and cuticle area and the surrounding skin.

Yes, you can place an order 24/7 by calling toll free at (800) 678-6341.

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